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11'(W) x 20'(L) Instant Shelter

11'(W) x 20'(L) Instant Shelter

Sale Price$929.80

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11W x 20 L Wood Framed Instant Shelter

  • High Quality US and Canadian Lumber
  • 2x3 Wood Construction
  • Easy to access doors - 8.5' W X 6'8" H on both ends
  • Come complete - Anchors, Frame, Covers, Hardware
  • Ready to Assemble; Easy Assembling by Customer
  • No foundation required; Simply need leveled area.
  • Waterproof & Weather Resistant
  • Excellent Storage for Car and Boat- can convert to greenhouse as well!
  • Shelters in other sizes available, please call us 630-953-4700

  • Don't see the size that you need? Tarp Supply makes custom tarps out of many different materials. Check out our Custom Tarps page for more information

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