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Duramost™ Ultra Duty Canvas Tarps in the Industry

Tarp Supply Inc. is proud to be the first to introduce Duramost™ Polyester

Canvas Tarps - Ultra Duty to the tarp market. Duramost ™ polyester canvas tarps are one of the most durable tarps with waterproof and tears resistant. 2x as strong as many cotton canvas tarps. The Polyester Canvas tarps considered to be industrial or military grade tarps. It provides great strength when put it up as canopy. Besides canopy, its also popular use for equipment covers, truck covers, outdoor covers, and roofing materials.

Duramost™ Polyester Canvas Tarps

Duramost™ Polyester Canvas Tarps

Consider the material to be ultrastrong, the tarp itself has a double lock-stitched that provides the maximum durability.
One of the great features of the Duramost™ polyester canvas tarps is that they are dry finished, so it doesn't have any waxy or sticky feeling. In fact, because it made to be dry finish, it has no strong chemical odor compare to duck cotton treated canvas.

Some of the great features for Duramost™ Polyester Canvas Tarps include the following


  • Breathable, which results in helping reduce water buildup underneath
  • Waterproof and Tear Resistant
  • Rust Resistant
  • Brass grommets on all corners with the circumference approx. 2 feet apart. It can also be custom to meet your requirements.
  • 15oz/ sq. yard

Check out the video below to see how the Duramost Polyester Canvas Tarps applicable in waterproof

What are some of the popular and ideally uses of the Duramost™ Polyester Green Canvas Tarps?

One of the questions that our customers have been asking us was, what are some ideally uses that apply to our industry-standard polyesters canvas tarps.


The polyester canvas tarps are the most popular use for equipment covers. It also can be used for agricultural, Lawn & Garden, and storage. Many people put it up for canopy because it's stronger and more durable.

Tarp Supply has been supplied Duramost™ Ultra Duty Polyester Canvas Tarps to many of our happy customers all over the places for over a decade. Shop 👉 Duramost Polyester Green Canvas Tarps - Ultra-Duty

Tarp Supply Inc is the leading manufacturer and distributor of tarps in the market. As a factory direct warehouse distributor, we carry all kinds of grade tarps. We commit to providing superior quality tarps, low prices and excellent customer service for all customers. Our centralized warehouse in Chicago and multiple locations ships the tarps for your needs across the United States. We have been served and supplied tarps to many different industries including government, military, construction, and many more, for over a decade. As we hold our motto, Tarp Supply Inc. "For All Your Tarp Needs"

We offer free consultations regarding all your tarps questions. If you are looking for specific sizes or custom made tarps, contact our tarps expert at 630-953-4700 or email us at

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