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Canvas Tarps (Made in USA)

Canvas TarpsTarp Supply offers industry-standard, high-quality Canvas Tarps that can be used for outdoors, construction, painting, floor covering and much more. We carry treated and untreated all natural canvas of multiple colors and weight (strength) to meet your needs.

Treated canvas tarps contain oil and silicon chemicals and are water and mildew resistant, while untreated canvas tarps are not. Treated canvas is designed for outdoor use as the treatment gives off an odor and may leave stains/residue, including when used in direct contact with other products. Please also note that as canvas tarps are made of cotton, the material can shrink.

All of our canvas tarps, both treated and untreated, are made of top of the line 100% woven duck cotton. All tarps are doubled-stitched and hemmed on the sides for extra strength. We use heavy gauge brass grommets that will not rust.

***Canvas Tarps are listed as Industry Standard Cut Sizes, which means that after folding over the edges and hemming them in, the tarp can lose approximately 6-9 inches or 5-7% depending on the size of the tarp. If you cannot go under but do not mind going over, please select the next size up. If you do not see a size listed that you need, please contact us at 630-953-4700.***

Popular Uses for Treated Canvas Tarps:
  • Contractor covers, windbreaker, tool covers
  • Machinery, equipment, tractor covers
  • Building material, lumber, steel, and other metal covers
  • Breathable weather covers for anything that condensation build-up would be a problem
  • Floor covers (for painters, untreated canvas tarps recommended)

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