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Yard Tarps/Leaf Tarps

Yard TarpsTarp Supply's Yard Tarps, also known as leaf tarps or landscape tarps, are smartly designed to simplify your leaf raking and hauling efforts. Our quality leaf tarps are great for hauling not just leaves, but also dirt, debris, sticks, and many other things.

Yard Tarps
  • Come with 1/4" polypropylene (plastic) rope handles on both sides that allow for quick and easy pulling to the designated area
  • 10 oz tear-resistant green polyethylene
  • 12 Mil and 9 Mil thick, 12x12 weave count
  • Versatile, yet light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Cut Size (finished size is 3% or up to 6 inches smaller than the listed size after folding and hemming the edges)

  • 6'X6' Yard Tarp
    Regular price:
    Sale price: $7.19
    8'2" X 8'2" Finished Size Yard Tarp
    Regular price:
    Sale price: $10.99

    Yard Tarps