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Waterproof Tarps

Tarp Supply Inc. offers a wide selection of waterproof materials. These tarps are great at protecting your items from water damage and other environmental hazards. They will not absorb moisture over time, as they are 100% waterproof.

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Water Resistant Tarps

Water resistant tarps are breathable, so they do not trap moisture underneath the cover. This is a helpful feature as it can help prevent the build-up of moisture and mold. These tarps can resist the entry of water into the fabric for a short period of time but are not waterproof. So, standing water will eventually seep through.

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Fire Resistant Tarps

Many tarps can also be treated or manufactured to be flame resistant. Flame resistant or flame retardant tarps are a must for protecting valuables located close to a flame or high heat. Flame retardant tarps are available in poly, vinyl, and canvas material.

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Clear Tarps

Our clear tarpaulins are excellent for outdoor enclosures, side curtains on market stalls, tent side walls, or porches and patios. Clear tarpaulins allow light to come through while keeping the working area dry and blocking the wind. The most popular clear material would be PVC Vinyl, which is clear like a window. There are also clear or translucent options in poly as well.

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Mesh/Sunshade Tarps

Tarp Supply Inc. mesh tarps feature an open weave design ideal for commercial and home use. Our permeable, breathable mesh tarps are commonly used in many different applications. Such as sunshades, truck covers, and privacy fences to name a few. Mesh tarps allow desirable elements such as sunlight, air, and rainwater to pass through while breaking strong winds and blocking larger debris.

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