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Known for their striking blue color, general-purpose blue poly tarps are known for their resilience and adaptability. Whether it's temporarily protecting lumber from rain, covering a boat in the off-season, or providing shade and shelter at a campsite, these tarps are up to the task.

What Are Blue Poly Tarps?

Blue poly tarps, not to be confused with our blue reinforced poly tarps, are robust protective covers manufactured primarily from polyethylene. This material choice lends the tarps their celebrated durability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. Here are some key aspects of their design and construction:

  • Material Composition: Polyethylene, used in these tarps, is a form of plastic known for its strength and flexibility. The tarps are made by weaving strips of polyethylene together, which is then coated to ensure waterproofing and increased resistance to environmental factors.

  • Common Sizes and Dimensions: Blue poly tarps come in a variety of sizes, accommodating almost any typical use. They range from small sizes suitable for covering objects like outdoor grills to large ones that can cover areas as expansive as a baseball infield. Common dimensions include 6x8 feet, 10x12 feet, and up to 20x30 feet or more for larger requirements.

  • Weight and Thickness Specifications: The thickness of blue poly tarps is typically measured in mils (thousandths of an inch). Standard poly tarps are often around 5-6 mils thick, but for more demanding tasks, heavier tarps in the range of 8-20 mils are also available. The weight will vary accordingly, generally between 4 to 7 ounces per square yard, ensuring that they are heavy enough to resist wind and movement but light enough for easy handling.

These general-purpose blue poly tarps are not just practical due to their material makeup; they are a go-to choice for anyone needing temporary yet reliable coverage that stands up to the elements.

Features and Benefits of Blue Poly Tarps Bulk Cases

Blue poly tarps offer a wide range of features that contribute to their popularity and functionality. Here's a closer look at some of these key features:


Purchasing blue poly tarps in bulk not only reduces costs but also ensures you have a ready supply for any situation:

  • Waterproof and Mildew Resistant: These tarps are waterproof, making them ideal for use in wet conditions. The polyethylene material is also naturally resistant to mildew, preventing damage and deterioration when exposed to moisture, a critical factor for long-term storage or cover in humid climates.

  • UV Resistant: To enhance their suitability for outdoor use, blue poly tarps are treated to be UV resistant. This treatment ensures that they do not degrade quickly or lose their color when exposed to sunlight over extended periods. This resistance extends the life of the tarp and maintains its structural integrity.


The versatility of blue poly tarps is evident in the myriad ways they can be utilized across different environments:

  • Landscaping: They are extensively used in landscaping to cover plants or areas under construction, to collect debris, or as a protective layer under stone or wood chips.

  • Farming and Agricultural Use: In agriculture, these tarps serve to cover machinery, protect fodder or crops from the elements, and even assist in creating greenhouses.

  • Construction and Home Repair: Blue poly tarps are indispensable on construction sites for covering building materials, protecting areas under repair from the weather, or collecting waste.

  • Recreational Uses: For outdoor enthusiasts, these tarps are essential for camping and boating. They provide shelters, cover equipment, or even act as a windbreak or temporary awning.

Each of these uses underscores the tarp's ability to adapt to various needs, offering protection and functionality wherever it's deployed. This adaptability, combined with the durability features, makes blue poly tarps an invaluable tool in many scenarios. Whether you’re a homeowner, a farmer, or a construction professional, you’ll find these tarps not only meet but exceed expectations in both expected and innovative applications.

Choosing the Right Blue Poly Tarp

Selecting the appropriate blue poly tarp for your needs involves understanding the various specifications and features that affect their performance in different scenarios. Here’s what to consider:

Size and Thickness Considerations

Choosing the right size and thickness for your blue poly tarp is crucial for optimal performance:

  • Understanding Cut Size vs. Finished Size:  Cut size is the size of the fabric material cut right off the bat. The hems of the cut-size tarp are then folded in and stitched to create sturdy, reinforced sides. After this is done, the finished size tarp will end up slightly smaller than the original cut size. Cut size is typically the industry standard measurement used in the USA and Canada unless otherwise specified as Full Finish or Exact Size. Tarp Supply Inc.® offers some tarps in cut sizes and some in finished sizes. Please note the size differences when you shop for the right tarp. Always check the finished size to ensure it meets your specific requirements.

  • Thickness Options: Thickness is typically measured in mils (1/1000th of an inch), and common blue poly tarps range from 5-6 mils for light-duty tasks to 8-10 mils for heavy-duty applications. Thicker tarps are more suitable for demanding environments where abrasion resistance and durability are critical.

Additional Features to Look For

To further refine your selection, consider these additional features that can enhance the functionality of your blue poly tarps:

  • Grommet Spacing and Reinforcement: Grommets are the metal eyelets along the edges of a tarp that facilitate secure tying and anchoring. Closer grommet spacing provides more options for securing the tarp and helps distribute tension more evenly, which can prevent tearing. Reinforced grommets increase the tarp's lifespan and performance in windy conditions.

  • Color Variations and Their Significance: While blue is the most common color for poly tarps, understanding the significance of other colors can be useful. For instance, silver tarps usually reflect sunlight and are cooler underneath, while green might blend better with outdoor environments. Blue tarps are generally known for their versatility and balanced protection, making them a popular choice for general use.

Purchasing Blue Poly Tarps in Bulk Cases Benefits

Opting for blue poly tarps in bulk cases offers numerous advantages that are particularly beneficial for businesses and large-scale projects. By purchasing blue poly tarps in bulk, customers can enjoy significant cost savings, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. This approach not only reduces the per-unit cost but also minimizes shipping expenses and simplifies inventory management. Moreover, having a consistent supply of tarps on hand enhances operational efficiency, allowing for immediate response to protection needs without the delay of frequent reordering. Bulk purchases are ideal for those who require uniform protection across large areas or multiple sites, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for extensive coverage requirements.

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Got Questions?
Got Questions?

Ask our tarp expert Handyman Joe.

Got Questions?
we make custom tarps!
Don't see the size that you need?

Tarp Supply makes custom tarps out of many different materials. Check out our Custom Tarps page for more information.

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