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Blend in with Nature: The Ultimate Camouflage Tarp for Camping and Hunting

Tarp Supply Inc.’s camo tarps provide protection from the environment and weather elements, and help blend in with the environment. Campers, hunters, and anyone looking for a quality all-purpose tarp with a natural or military look can find it in the camouflage tarp.

camo tarps of Tarp Supply Inc.

Tarp Supply Inc.’s Camo Poly Tarps have a Mossy oak patter on the outside; military green on the inside, and are 4-5 mil thick. These poly tarps offer many different use possibilities. For the customer looking for a Super Heavy Duty option, Tarp Supply Inc. offers 18oz vinyl Camo Tarps. These reversible super heavy duty vinyl tarps feature a mossy oak camouflage design on one side and solid green on the other. At 22mil thick, our 18oz vinyl camo pattern tarps offer superior UV resistance and a high degree of Tear and abrasion resistance making them suitable for almost any outdoor application.

Why Hunters Used Camo Tarps

Let’s look at one popular use below:

camping site using camo tarp

Camo tarps are an essential piece of equipment for hunters and outdoorsmen, providing camouflage and protection from the elements. These tarps can be used to cover hunting equipment or as a ground cover while hunting. They provide protection from the elements, concealment from game, and a place to rest after a long day in the field. With the right camo tarp, you can make sure that your hunting equipment is well-covered and ready for your next adventure. They are available in a variety of sizes and patterns, making them perfect for any type of hunting situation. Camo tarps provide a great way to blend in with your surroundings and keep you concealed. Our poly camo tarps lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for long days out in the field, while our 18oz vinyl camp tarps provide extra durability, for an extended service life. With camo tarps, you can ensure that your hunting trips will be successful and enjoyable! With our camo tarps, you can be sure that your gear is protected from the elements while remaining undetected by wildlife.


Multi-Purpose Camo Tarps

Tarp Supply Inc.’s Camo poly tarps uses don’t stop there!

Our Camo poly tarps can be used for camping, tent covers, outdoor equipment covers, lawn and garden and landscaping covers, boat covers, paintball tarps and more! You can give your property a military-look, white effectively blending in with the natural surroundings. Our camo poly tarps are cost-effective,  and are typically in-stock and ready to ship!

Many of our current customers here at Tarp Supply Inc. use camo tarps in different ways. Some real-life examples include using camo tarps to cover up large wood piles, to conceal tow-behind trailers that are stored on their property when not in use, and of course the previously mentioned hunting trips, where these tarps can be used to cover duck blinds, hunting cabins, and hunting equipment and campsites.

Tarp Supply’s 18oz vinyl Camo Tarps can handle all the above applications as our poly tarps, but bring additional durability and longevity due to the highly desirable properties of vinyl. 

We custom make our 18oz vinyl Camo tarps proudly in the USA, and due to that fact we can offer custom sizes and designs in our 18oz vinyl Camo material.

Please check with us for current pricing and current lead times. One of our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to assist you with a custom design!

When looking for weather protection, with that unique Camo pattern, look no further than Tarp Supply Inc!

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