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High Quality Movie Screen From Tarp Supply, Inc.

movie screen

When making a presentation, quality matters! Whether spending quality time with family and friends, or making a presentation to coworkers or clients you can make a huge impact with a high-quality outdoor movie screen from Tarp Supply, Inc.

Our outdoor movie screens are fabricated with a specialized 16oz vinyl material that is ideal for movie screen projection. This 16oz white vinyl is durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. This tarp screen also features a block-out material layered inside the tarp to ensure a quality viewing experience.

vinyl material for movie screen


Due to the durability of these movie screens they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Some of our customers hang the screens off the side of their house and project on them for a back yard movie night. Other customers have used cables and hung them between trees for outdoor festivals and events. We have many different organizations use our movie screens including schools, universities, churches, and corporate offices.

White Movie Screen


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Fabricated in the U.S. our vinyl movie screen tarps always create a professional viewing experience. We have many different screen sizes, in inventory and ready to ship. We can also fabricate custom screen sizes based on your needs! Just give us a call at 630-953-4700, and we can provide you with a quality viewing experience!

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