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Moving Blankets: A Simple Solution for Protective Padding

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Here at Tarp Supply Inc., we have a lot of customers that use tarps in order to transport goods and equipment. Properly covering different types of loads can sometimes come with some challenges. 

One such example would be items that have a sharp or protruding edge. Or when grouping items close together in a trailer, sometimes some extra padding is needed to protect items from damage. Tarp Supply Inc. has an easy solution to these issues by offering moving blankets.

What Are Moving Blankets Made Of

Tarp Supply Inc.’s polyester moving blankets are made with polyester fabric on both sides and a non-woven binding on all 4 edges. All corners are squared off and tacked to provide a complete durable edge. They provide a quick and easy solution for your transportation needs. 

Find heavy-duty moving blankets on our website.

heavy duty moving blankets

  • 72x80 Moving Pads
  • Dark Blue/Light Blue Reversible
  • Heavy Duty Polyester Fabric on two sides with non-woven binding on the edges
  • All corners are squared off and tacked for extra reinforcement and durability

Uses of Moving Blankets

Finished with the move, and looking for how to get further use out of your moving blankets? Moving blankets can be used in a variety of ways.

Moving blankets are great at protecting the backseat of your vehicle from stains, debris, and damage. Not to mention they are quite effective at keeping paw prints, sharp nails, and pet hair off of the interior of your vehicle. Any pet owner can appreciate this simple solution.

Have a musician in the family? Due to the thickness of their cloth, moving blankets are pretty effective at damping sound, and can be hung up around a room for noise reduction.

Moving blankets also make great padding for an impromptu picnic or camping trip. They also work well as storage or dust covers for items stored indoors.

Here at Tarp Supply Inc., we are always trying to be update-to-date on materials and products within our industry that our customers need. When looking for tarp-related products and accessories, turn to Tarp Supply Inc. for all your Tarp needs. Visit us or give us a call at 630-953-4700.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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