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Tarp Supply Inc. Supplies Truck Tarps for Trucking Industry

As a new day starts in America, you can hear the sound of tires rolling down the pavement. On average in today’s current economy, 15.5 million trucks are on the road in the U.S. The truck industry is the heartbeat of the American economy with thousands of goods and products being exchanged due to their hard work and dedication. Without these trucks and drivers on the road, the U.S. economy would come to a screeching halt. Here at Tarp Supply Inc., we are glad to say that we are a part of keeping America running, by directly supplying truck tarps and accessories directly to the Trucking Industry.

A large majority of the States in the U.S. require drivers to tarp their loads, for the safety of the general public. Truck tarps are not only used to protect the goods and equipment transported, they also stop debris from flying off the truck. A truck tarp not only serves to keep products dry, but they also keep the roadway free of obstacles. Additionally they keep garbage off the roadways and out of the surrounding environment. When you think about these details, it makes you realize that something as simple as a truck tarp can actually serve many purposes. With this in mind it’s important to know you have the right tarp for the job, and Tarp Supply Inc. can help with that!

Here at Tarp Supply Inc., we can supply all your truck tarp needs. We always carry a large stock of steel truck tarps and 8’ drop lumber truck tarps in our Illinois warehouse. Fabricated from 18oz vinyl, these truck tarps are a standard in the trucking industry, used by many different drivers to cover their loads. Drivers often come directly to our main warehouse location, centrally located in the Midwest in Lombard, IL to purchase these truck tarps and other accessories like our EPDM rubber S-hooks. Drivers can easily grab these supplies and get back on the road. Please visit our truck tarp page to order for more information.

Looking for a special type of Truck Tarp? As a manufacturer, we also fabricate custom Truck tarps. Dump trucks, and commercial trailers, often need custom sizes and designs, and we can do it! Our 55% vinyl mesh is popular with many of our landscapers and dump truck drivers. With its lighter weight, it is easy to handle, and it has the strength to keep materials in place. Truck drivers with heavier loads, such as heavy debris haulers, favor our super strong black iron- mesh. This mesh is ideal for handle loads full of heavy trash and rock debris, as it is a 22oz material with a 22” x 22” weave count, this material is built to handle some of the toughest loads. And let’s not forget about our vinyl material. Our 18oz vinyl creates a solid, waterproof barrier against the elements, and can still handle highways winds! Favored by concrete haulers, commercial haulers, and flatbed drivers alike, vinyl tarps can be seem rolling across America from coast to coast.

Any of this materials or tarp can be customized in any numbers of ways. Popular designs include truck skirts, and truck bed covers. We can add pockets and custom hardware placement on tarps to fit existing tarp systems such as a roll-up tarp, or sleeves large enough to fit 2x4 boards which can be used to keep vinyl tarps securely on a load for asphalt hauling. Do you have a custom drawing tarp drawing that you would like fabricated? No problem! We can quote and fabricate using our customer’s tarp drawings. Please contact us at 630-953-4700 or by fax 630-691-0899 or email us at and we can quote most custom tarps designs within about one day’s time!

Day and night America’s drivers crisscross America, transporting products of all shapes and sizes. Here are Tarp Supply Inc., we do our part, to help supply the quality truck tarps and accessories these drivers need to get the job done. As a small business, with 16 years of experience we are dedicated to keeping America running, one truck at a time.

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