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Round Tarp - Best for Stock Tank and Hot Tub Covers

We recently had a customer, Terry in Maricopa, Arizona contacts us for a round tarp for his stock tank. He was going to use the tarp to cover the tank when they were not using it as a small pool. We have certainly had customers use tarps for this in the past, but what made this customer stand out in our mind was that they found Tarp Supply Inc. via a YouTube video from Lucent Productions. He has a nice video on his deck built for the stock tank and about how to build one for yourself. The tarp he purchased from us on the video was a full-finished size 55% mesh tarp. The video demonstrates how to build the stock-tank pool in detail step-by-step. It's always been a pleasure knowing that there are customers that are happy with our products for their DIY projects. As we always appreciate our valued customers.


In the case of Terry, he needed something that would be solid. This was due to being in Arizona where he has issues with sand. We quoted him a round tarp in an 18oz vinyl material for a basic heavy-duty option that would have had to be manufactured. Due to time constraints, he went with one of our 7oz 12 Mil Super Heavy Duty Silver/Black round poly tarps that we stock regularly.


For round tarps, we can also make them into fitted covers. The basic info we would need to quote a custom tarp for you as the following: how large of diameter and how tall of a drop. For the diameter, remember to add a couple inches to the size of the tank or hot tub you are covering in order to allow the cover to fit easier.

For example, we recommend an 8’ diameter tank to make an 8’ 2” diameter tarp. As for the height of the drop that will usually depend on your set up. Now the standard setup is to have grommets also known as eyelets along the hem approximately 2’ apart. We can space these closer together based on customer preference. Alternatively, we can also have the fitted designs made with an elastic shock cord in the hem. See below for an example of this custom design. 


Tarp Supply Inc. round tarps can be used for many different applications such as pool covers, baseball mound covers, hay covers and others that require circular closure. Tarp Supply can custom made to meet your needs and special projects.
Tarp Supply Inc is the leading manufacturer and distributor of tarps in the market place. As a factory-direct warehouse distributor, we carry all kinds of grade tarps. We commit to provide superior quality tarps, low prices and excellent customer service for all customers. Our centralized warehouse in Chicago and multiple locations ships the tarps for your needs across the United States. We have served and supplied tarps to many different industries including government, military, construction, hardware, agriculture, home improvement, lawn & garden, landscaping, transportation, recreation, and many more, for over a decade. As we hold our motto, Tarp Supply Inc. "For All Your Tarp Needs"!

We offer free consultations regarding all your tarps questions. If you are looking for specific sizes or custom made tarps, contact our tarps expert at 630-953-4700 or email us at

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