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Vinyl Cement Adhesives: The Unsung Hero of the Adhesive World

Let’s face it; tarps are designed to protect our belongings from some of the harshest weather mother nature has to offer. Snow, wind, UV rays, rain, sleet hail, and everything in between. 

During the course of a tarp's life, it can be thrown around, pulled, pushed, etc., and pushed to its limits. Nothing stands up better to this type of wear than vinyl. Like a rubberized sheet, its durability, waterproof construction, and longevity are nearly unmatched. But in the service life of a tarp, we know that tarps can be damaged. A falling tree branch in a residential customer’s backyard, a tear made by a sharp edge on a truck driver’s cargo load, or a severe windstorm can cause damage to even the strongest tarps. 

Luckily one of the features of our vinyl tarps is that they are a rip-stop material. Due to the string mesh inside the tarp and the strength of the vinyl-coated material, unlike other materials, vinyl tarps continue to tear once they are damaged. This helps contain any damage that occurs to a localized area and makes for more straightforward repairs. And that is where our vinyl cement comes in.

Customer’s looking to repair their vinyl tarps to extend their service life need to look no further. 

Tarp Supply Inc. carries HH-66 vinyl cement in four different-size containers with a brush top for easy application. HH-66 Vinyl cement adhesives offers a superior quality vinyl adhesive with exceptional bond strength. Vinyl cement is ideal for bonding vinyl-coated and laminated plastics, metal, wood, and leather. Brushes on smoothly and quickly for easy application. Fast drying, ready in minutes. Waterproof with outstanding resistance to temperature ( Temperature Range: -30 to 180F) and weather extremes, chemicals, oil, fuel, and grease. 

Some real-life examples of our customers using vinyl cement include over-the-road truck drivers using it to patch cuts in their truck tarps, residential customers using it to repair a leaking hole in their canopy tarp, and commercial companies using vinyl cement to bond vinyl to surfaces as part of their full-scale manufacturing process when fabricating all different manor of products from helicopter cockpits to custom furniture design.

Vinyl cement can also be used for more than just vinyl tarp repair! Pool Covers, Inflatable bounce houses, Liners, Awnings, Trailer Covers, Footwear, Flexible hoses, and Industrial Curtains can all be patched and repaired with HH-66 vinyl cement.

With its versatility, great adhesive strength, and easy application HH-66 vinyl cement is truly the unsung hero of the adhesive world!

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