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S-Hook Rubber Tarp Straps Help Cargo Stability

What is S-Hook Rubber Tarp Strap?

S-Hook rubber tarp straps are commonly used to secure tarps or other covers in place. They are made from high-quality rubber and are designed to be durable and long lasting, making them ideal for use in a variety of applications.

The S-hook design of these tarp straps allows them to easily hook onto anchor points on a tarp or other covering material and onto the anchor points of a truck bed or trailer. This makes them highly versatile and useful for a variety of different tasks.

Uses of S-Hook Rubber Tarp Strap

One of the primary benefits of using S-hook rubber tarp straps is their ability to provide a secure, tight fit. The rubber material is designed to stretch and flex, allowing the strap to conform to the shape of the load being secured. This ensures that the tarp or cover remains securely in place, even in windy or inclement weather conditions.

Another advantage of using S-hook rubber tarp straps is that they are resistant to damage from sunlight, heat, and cold. This means that they can be used in a variety of different environments and weather conditions without the risk of degradation or failure.

S-hook rubber tarp straps are available in a variety of different lengths, allowing them to be used for everything from securing a small tarp over a load in the back of a pickup truck to securing a large industrial tarp on a construction site.

Overall, S-hook rubber tarp straps are a highly versatile and useful tool for securing tarps and other covers in place. With their durable rubber construction, easy-to-use S-hook design, and ability to provide a secure, tight fit, they are an essential item for anyone who needs to transport or store goods in an outdoor environment.

S-hook rubber tarp straps are widely used in a variety of applications that require a strong, flexible, and durable securing system. 

Here are some common uses of S-hook rubber tarp straps:

Securing tarps: S-hook rubber tarp straps are commonly used to secure tarps on trucks, trailers, and boats. The rubber material provides a secure grip and prevents the tarp from slipping or shifting during transportation.

Bundling items: S-hook rubber tarp straps are also useful for bundling items together, such as lumber or pipes. The flexible and strong rubber material allows for a tight grip and prevents the items from shifting or falling during transport.

Securing cargo: S-hook rubber tarp straps are commonly used to secure cargo on flatbed trailers, utility trailers, and pickup trucks. They can be used to secure items like boxes, pallets, and equipment to prevent them from moving during transport.

Overall, S-hook rubber tarp straps are a versatile and reliable tool for securing items during transport or storage.

Our S-Hook Rubber Tarp Strap Customer’s Story

It was a dark and stormy night. The flatbed truck thundered down the road. As the storm raged outside, the driver took comfort in knowing his load was secure. Earlier that day he had visited Tarp Supply Inc. and purchased one of their 8’ Drop Lumber Truck tarps, and secured it with their 21” EPDM rubber S-Hooks, he could continue to his destination knowing that he had his load covered and locked into place for the long haul.

Located in the Midwest, Tarp Supply Inc. sees a lot of traffic through the area. Truck drivers and all manner of customers often stop by our facility when they need tarps and/or tarp accessories on the go.

One popular purchase made by our customers with flatbed trailers or town-behind trailers is our EPDM rubber S-hooks. These types of straps have become a standard in the shipping industry due to their strength and durability. 

Tarp Supply Inc. carries several different lengths of S-Hooks, which are typically available to pick up or ship out on the same day. We carry 9”, 15”, 21”, 31”, and 41” length S-Hooks packaged in boxes of 50 pcs.

EPDM rubber is known for being stronger than natural rubber due to its chemical composition. Know for its weather and temperature resistance, they have become a go-to choice for securing a tarp to a load within the transportation industry. 

Tarp Supply Inc. is always trying to offer industry-leading products and craftsmanship, from our custom-fabricated tarps, down to our accessories such as our EPDM S-Hooks. Tarp Supply is proud to note that our EPDM S-Hooks are proudly made in the USA!

If you are in the Chicago land area, feel free to stop by our facility Monday-Friday. We have staff on-site as early as 7:30 am – 5 pm to service your needs. From S-hook straps to vinyl cement, tarps, ball bungees, and everything in between, Tarp Supply Inc. is the place for all your Tarp needs!

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