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Five Uses of Vinyl Tarps in Industries Daily Operations

Vinyl tarps are fabricated from one of the strongest tarp materials available. Heavy duty vinyl tarps can last up to 10 times longer than standard poly tarps, making them a great value for the cost of the tarp. Our vinyl tarps are 100% waterproof and resistant to UV rays, abrasion, and tear resistant. They are waterproof, extremely durable, and long lasting, so it is no surprise that many different industries use them during their daily business operations.


The construction industry is a major consumer of vinyl. Many different construction companies use Vinyl Equipment covers to protect their materials and equipment. Here at Tarp Supply Inc., we can fabricate custom covers of all sizes and designs, and we can one for you too! Also many contractors also use Vinyl tarps filled with insulated foam, called concrete curing blankets, to help maintain the temperature of concrete, and help it set properly. As you may have guessed, here at Tarp Supply Inc. we also fabricate insulated tarps and concrete curing blankets, so we are always ready when you need a quote. From shade tarps on construction sites, to roof covers, the use of vinyl in the world of construction could make a list a mile long, but let’s move onto our next industry.


Off-shore Oil Production Facilities

Vinyl tarps are able to tolerate conditions in the middle of the ocean! We supply many vinyl equipment covers to oil platforms located in the middle of the ocean to product their equipment from the elements. If vinyl covers can be used to product items in an ocean storm, you know they are tough!



We work with many different branches of the military that purchase vinyl tarps and covers. Here at Tarp Supply, we have supplied the Army and the Coast Guard with different vinyl tarps and covers. We are proud to serve the Armed Forces and would like to take this time to thank all branches of the military for their service. This covers are mainly used to cover different types of military equipment, and we are thrilled to know that we have tarps on our military bases, and patrolling the seas on Coast Guard ships.


Schools and Daycare Centers

We supply both schools and daycare centers with canopy covers and/or sandbox covers that are used during their daily operations. Vinyl makes a great shade cover, and can used for many different outdoor canopy frames, including seating areas, like outdoor classrooms and lunch areas. Many of these facilities have sandbox play areas of all different sizes, shapes, and designs, and here at Tarp Supply Inc. we make fitted sandbox covers. So whether you’re a residential customer or a business, if you need a custom sandbox cover, we can help make that happen.


Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Vinyl tarps help many industries fabricate many different products. Here at Tarp Supply we supply many different industries with vinyl to be used in the fabrication of many different products. The Food industry used vinyl tarps for both conveyor belts used in food production, to equipment covers used in food production. Flame Retardant Vinyl tarps are used in countless industries to make divider walls in warehouses, or to cover materials and products. Vinyl tarps are often integrated into the manufacturing process of countless products, and at Tarp Supply we often fabricate custom designs based on our customer’s drawings to suite these needs.


Based on this short list, I hope you can see the strength and durability that vinyl provides, and help gain an appreciation for how vinyl helps many different industries in their daily operations. If you want more info about vinyl, or would like a quote please visit our website at

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