Ice Rink Ground Stakes [12 Pack]

Item # SICEGS12
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Ice Rink Ground Stakes [12 Pack] Features

Building a backyard rink? Shop our ready-assembled Tarp Supply Inc.® Ice Rink Kits complete with fitted Tarp Supply Inc.® Quality Ice Rink Liners, Iron Sleek Ice Rink Brackets, Installation Tools, Line Level, and Easy-to-follow rink building instructions.

When an Iron Sleek Rink Bracket is used to support more than 12 of ice, it is advisable to add a Ground Stake to the hole in the Iron Sleek Bracket closest to the rink board This additional ground stake provides the holding power needed to support the higher loads from deeper ice levels.

The ground stake is easy to install. A few hits with a mallet and you are done! The stake is coated with a light green epoxy. It has repetitive ridges which allows for better gripping of the ground. When the frost hits, the ground stake will not move! Check out our Instructional Guide and How To Build a Rink Video by Iron Sleek.

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