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Different Types of Tarps in Tarp Supply Inc.®

Tarp Supply Inc.® has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier in the tarpaulin industry, demonstrating a commitment to quality, durability, and versatility in its products. Renowned for our expansive range of tarpaulins, we cater to a wide array of needs, from residential to commercial and industrial applications. Below are the types of tarps available in Tarp Supply Inc.®.

Tarp Supply Inc.® Tarps Made In The USA

Tarp Supply Inc.® Tarps Made In The USA

Tarps made in the USA are renowned for their superior quality, durability, and versatility. Manufactured with strict adherence to high standards, these tarps are crafted from premium materials to ensure maximum strength and longevity. Ideal for a wide range of applications, from construction and agriculture to outdoor events and home use, American-made tarps offer exceptional resistance to weather, UV rays, and tears. The commitment to excellence in manufacturing ensures that these tarps provide reliable protection and coverage in various conditions. Consumers seeking dependable and long-lasting tarp solutions often prefer products made in the USA for their proven performance and the support of domestic industries. While many of our tarps are made in the US, we carry both imported and domestic made tarps. If you have questions about our USA made tarps, feel free to contact us.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Heavy Duty Tarps

As the name suggests, heavy-duty tarps are designed for the most demanding applications. They are typically made from high-grade materials like thick polyethylene or reinforced vinyl and are used in industrial, agricultural, and military settings.

What is a heavy duty tarp?

Heavy duty tarp is made from high-strength fabrics such as polyethylene, canvas, or vinyl, these tarps are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, strong winds, and extreme sunlight. They are commonly used in construction sites, for agricultural purposes, outdoor storage, trucking, camping, and as protective covers for equipment and vehicles. Heavy-duty tarps feature reinforced edges, corner guards, and metal grommets to secure them in place, ensuring durability and reliability in protecting against the elements and other outdoor challenges. In addition, heavy duty tarps are thicker than the economy tarps making them the go to choice for many roofers and contractors or customers who are looking for a more durable product.

What is considered a heavy duty tarp?

A heavy-duty tarp is considered to be a high-grade, durable covering made from thick, resilient materials like polyethylene, canvas, or reinforced vinyl. These tarps are characterized by their ability to resist tearing, puncturing, water, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for demanding applications. Features that distinguish heavy-duty tarps include greater thickness than economy tarps, selected heavy duty tarps have reinforced edges, heavy grommets or loops for secure anchoring, and often a UV protective coating to extend their lifespan under sunlight. They are widely used in industrial, agricultural, and commercial settings, as well as for outdoor activities where robust protection is required, such as covering construction materials, vehicles, boats, and as shelters or groundsheets in camping scenarios. The thickness, strength, and additional treatments applied to the fabric contribute to a tarp's classification as heavy-duty.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Poly Tarps

Tarp Supply Inc.® Poly Tarps

Polyethylene, or poly tarps, are perhaps the most common and versatile type. Lightweight, waterproof, and affordable, they are used for a wide range of purposes, including temporary shelter, cover for vehicles, or as a groundsheet for camping.

How long do poly tarps last?

The lifespan of a poly tarp largely depends on its usage, quality, and the conditions it is exposed to. Generally, a standard poly tarp can last anywhere from a few months to a few years. Heavy-duty poly tarps with UV protection and reinforced edges are on the higher end of this range, potentially lasting even longer if properly maintained and not subjected to extreme conditions. However, constant exposure to harsh weather, heavy loads, or abrasive surfaces can significantly shorten a tarp's lifespan. Regular inspection and proper care, such as cleaning and storing it when not in use, can help extend its life.

What are poly tarps used for?

They are commonly employed to cover and protect items from the elements, such as rain, wind, and sun, due to their water-resistant and UV-resistant properties. Poly tarps are used in construction sites to cover building materials and equipment, in agriculture to protect crops and livestock, and for recreational purposes like camping to create temporary shelters or ground covers. They are also popular for use at home for covering outdoor furniture, vehicles, and as a protective layer during painting or renovation works. The material's strength and durability, along with its lightweight and easy-to-handle nature, make poly tarps a go-to choice for both temporary and long-term protection needs.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Vinyl Tarps

Tarp Supply Inc.® Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl tarps are known for their strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion and moisture. They are often used in heavy-duty applications like truck covers, industrial coverings, and for outdoor storage where weather resistance is crucial.

How long will a vinyl tarp last outside?

The lifespan of a vinyl tarp when used outdoors can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the quality of the material, the environmental conditions it is exposed to, and the level of care and maintenance it receives. Generally, high-quality vinyl tarps are known for their durability and can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years or more when properly maintained. Vinyl is resistant to water, UV radiation, and mildew, which contributes to its longevity outdoors. However, constant exposure to harsh weather conditions like extreme sunlight, heavy rain, and strong winds can shorten its lifespan. Regular cleaning and storing the tarp in a shaded or covered area when not in use can help extend its life.

What type of tarp lasts the longest?

The longevity of a tarp largely depends on the material it's made from, its thickness, and the conditions it's exposed to. Polyethylene tarps, often known as poly tarps, are widely regarded for their durability and resistance to water, mildew, and tears, making them a popular choice for general outdoor use. Heavy-duty vinyl tarps are another option that tends to last longer, especially in harsh weather conditions or when used in industrial settings, due to their superior strength and UV resistance. Canvas tarps, while not 100%  waterproof as polyethylene or vinyl, are breathable and highly durable, making them ideal for certain applications where moisture buildup is a concern. Ultimately, the longest-lasting tarp for any specific application will depend on a combination of material choice, environmental factors, and how well the tarp is maintained.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Canvas Tarps

Tarp Supply Inc.® Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps are made from heavy-duty cotton and are known for their durability and breathability. They are often used in outdoor settings for covering equipment, as drop cloths for painting, or in camping. Their natural fabric is less prone to condensation buildup, making them suitable for covering sensitive materials.

What are canvas tarps used for?

Canvas tarps are versatile and durable coverings used for a variety of applications, primarily for protective purposes. They are made from cotton or a cotton blend, which makes them breathable, environmentally friendly, and less prone to condensation compared to synthetic tarps. Canvas tarps are commonly used in outdoor settings for covering equipment, vehicles, and construction materials to protect them from the elements, such as rain, wind, and sunlight. In addition, they are often utilized in camping to create makeshift shelters, ground covers, or as privacy screens. The heavy-duty nature of canvas tarps also makes them suitable for industrial applications, including as covers for machinery or cargo during transportation. Their reusability and strength ensure they are a preferred choice for situations requiring a robust and long-lasting covering solution.

How long do canvas tarps last?

The lifespan of a canvas tarp largely depends on several factors such as the quality of the material, the environmental conditions it is exposed to, and how well it is maintained. High-quality canvas tarps treated with waterproofing and UV-resistant coatings can last for several years, often ranging from 2 to 5 years, when properly cared for. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and re-treating the tarp with waterproofing solutions, can significantly extend its life. However, constant exposure to harsh weather conditions like extreme sunlight, heavy rain, or snow can accelerate wear and tear, reducing its overall lifespan.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Truck Tarps

What tarps do truckers use?

Truckers use tarps to protect their cargo from the elements, such as rain, snow, and sun, as well as from road debris during transportation. These tarps are made from durable materials like heavy-duty polyethylene, canvas, or vinyl to ensure they can withstand harsh weather conditions and the rigors of the road. They come in various sizes and shapes to fit different types of loads, including flatbeds, dump trucks, and roll-off containers. Some tarps are specifically designed for certain types of cargo, such as lumber tarps with flaps to cover the sides and ends of lumber loads, or mesh tarps used for hauling dirt or sand to allow air flow while keeping the material in place. Truckers rely on these tarps to ensure their loads arrive at their destination in the same condition as they were loaded, making them an essential tool in the transportation industry. Our lumber truck tarps and steel truck tarps are meticulously crafted and available in a pre-made condition, ensuring they are immediately ready for dispatch. These tarps are designed to meet the specific needs of the transportation industry, providing robust protection for various types of cargo.

What size tarp to cover a pickup truck?

When selecting the right size tarp to cover a pickup truck, the key is to ensure that it is large enough to cover the truck's bed and sides completely, with some allowance for securing the tarp in place. Pickup truck beds come in various sizes, typically ranging from about 5 to 8 feet in length. Therefore, a tarp that is at least 8 to 10 feet wide and 12 to 16 feet long should provide adequate coverage for most standard pickup trucks. This size range allows for full coverage over the bed, plus extra material to secure the tarp under or around the edges of the truck bed, preventing it from blowing away. Always measure your truck bed before purchasing a tarp to ensure you get the right size for your specific vehicle.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Clear Tarps

Clear tarps are transparent, making them ideal for applications where visibility is important, such as on market stalls, greenhouses, or as patio enclosures. They provide protection from the elements while still allowing light to pass through.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Flame Retardant Tarps

Tarp Supply Inc.® Flame Retardant Tarps

Flame retardant tarps are treated to resist ignition and slow down the spread of fire. They are essential for compliance in certain industrial settings and for use near heat sources or where fire risk is a concern.

Is there a difference between flame-resistant and flame retardant?

There is a difference between flame-resistant and flame retardant materials, although both are designed to provide protection against fire. Flame-resistant materials are inherently resistant to catching fire and are designed to resist ignition and withstand heat. They are made from materials that have a natural resistance to flame and do not require any additional chemical treatment to prevent or slow down the spread of fire. On the other hand, flame retardant materials are not naturally resistant to fire but have been chemically treated to achieve a certain degree of protection against fire. These treatments can either be applied to the surface of the material or incorporated into its structure, helping to slow down the spread of fire or prevent ignition for a certain period of time. The key difference lies in how these materials are made resistant to fire: flame-resistant materials are inherently so, while flame retardant materials gain their resistance through chemical treatments.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Mesh Tarps

Mesh tarps are known for their breathable fabric, which allows air and light to pass through while providing shade and some degree of protection. They are ideal for applications where you need airflow, such as covering plants in a garden or shielding a patio area.

What are mesh tarps used for?

Mesh tarps are versatile coverings made from a woven, breathable fabric, often used for applications that require a balance between protection and airflow. They are commonly used to shade from the sun while allowing air circulation, making them ideal for patio covers, canopy tents, or to create shaded areas in gardens. Mesh tarps are also used in agriculture to protect plants from harsh sunlight while ensuring ventilation. Additionally, they are employed in construction sites to contain debris, dust, and to provide privacy without completely blocking airflow. Their durability and resistance to tearing make mesh tarps a preferred choice for many outdoor applications where light and air passage is necessary.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Fabrics

Tarp fabrics are engineered for resilience and versatility, serving as the backbone for tarps used in various applications. These fabrics are made from a range of materials, including polyethylene, canvas, vinyl, and mesh, each offering distinct characteristics tailored to specific needs. Polyethylene tarps are popular for their waterproof and mildew-resistant qualities, making them suitable for outdoor coverage. Canvas tarps, known for their breathability and environmental friendliness, are ideal for protecting machinery or supplies that require air circulation. Vinyl tarps stand out for their heavy-duty nature, offering excellent UV protection and resistance to abrasion, which is crucial for industrial and agricultural use. Mesh tarps provide unique solutions by allowing air flow while offering shade and debris protection, perfect for truck covers, shade tarps, and privacy screens. The choice of tarp fabric depends on the intended use, ensuring that there is a material specifically designed to meet the demands of each unique application.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® UV Protected Tarps

UV protected tarps are designed to resist damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight. They are essential for outdoor applications in sunny climates, where untreated tarps might degrade quickly.

What is the best tarp for sun exposure?

The best tarp for sun exposure is typically made from a UV-resistant material that can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun without degrading. Materials such as polyethylene, vinyl, or specially coated fabrics are often used for their durability and ability to block or reflect harmful UV rays. These tarps are designed to be lightweight yet strong, providing effective shade and protection for outdoor activities, equipment, or areas that require shielding from the sun. Additionally, a high-quality sun exposure tarp should have reinforced edges and grommets for secure anchoring, ensuring it remains in place even in windy conditions. For maximum effectiveness, the tarp should be of a reflective color, such as silver or white, to enhance its UV reflecting capabilities, making it an ideal choice for camping, gardening, or any outdoor setting where sun protection is needed.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Fence Tarps

Fence tarps provide privacy and dust control on construction sites, sports fields, or residential areas. They are usually made of a mesh material that allows air to pass through while blocking the view.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Insulated Tarps

Insulated Tarps

Insulated tarps are used in temperature-sensitive environments, like on construction sites during winter, to maintain a stable temperature or to protect materials from freezing.

Insulated tarps for concrete

Insulated tarps for concrete are specialized coverings designed to protect and aid the curing process of concrete in cold weather conditions. These tarps are typically made from durable, waterproof materials and are lined with insulating layers to retain heat. This heat retention is crucial for preventing the concrete from freezing before it sets, which can compromise its strength and durability. Insulated tarps not only accelerate the curing process by maintaining a more consistent temperature but also protect the concrete from the elements, including frost, snow, and excessive moisture. By using insulated tarps, construction projects can continue smoothly even in colder climates, ensuring timelines are met and structural integrity is maintained.

Insulated tarps for roof

Insulated tarps for roofs are specialized coverings designed to provide thermal protection and moisture resistance for buildings during construction or repair work. These tarps are typically made from heavy-duty, weather-resistant materials that are layered with insulation to help maintain temperature control inside the structure. They are invaluable in colder climates, where they prevent heat loss, and in warmer areas, where they can keep interiors cooler. By creating a barrier against the elements, insulated tarps also protect the building's interior from water damage, debris, and other construction-related hazards. Their versatility and efficiency make them an essential tool for contractors looking to safeguard projects against weather delays and ensure a comfortable working environment, irrespective of the external conditions.

Insulated tarps for Camping

Insulated tarps for camping are an essential gear for outdoor enthusiasts looking to enhance their comfort and protection in various weather conditions. These tarps are designed with specialized materials that offer insulation against cold, helping to retain heat within a camping area or over a tent. They serve a dual purpose by also shielding against wind and moisture, making them invaluable during colder months or in unpredictable climates. By creating a barrier between the camper and the cold ground or air, insulated tarps can significantly improve the warmth and coziness of a camping setup, ensuring a more enjoyable and comfortable outdoor experience. Their versatility extends to uses such as ground covers, shelter enhancements, or emergency blankets, making them a multifunctional addition to any camping gear collection.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Pool Tarps

Pool tarps are used to cover swimming pools when not in use. They protect the pool from debris, reduce evaporation, and can help maintain water temperature.

What is the difference between a tarp and a pool cover?

A tarp (tarpaulin) and a pool cover are both used to cover surfaces, but they serve different specific purposes and are designed accordingly. A tarp is a versatile, waterproof sheet made of heavy-duty material such as polyethylene, canvas, or PVC, and it is used for a wide range of applications, including as a protective cover for objects or areas, for outdoor shelter, or to secure cargo during transport. Its design is fairly simple, focusing on durability and water resistance. Pool covers come in various types, including solar covers, safety covers, and winter covers, each tailored to meet these specific needs with features like UV resistance, strength to support weight, and ease of use. While both tarps and pool covers provide protective covering, pool covers offer additional functionalities tailored to the unique environment and requirements of maintaining a swimming pool.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Sports Tarps

Specifically designed for athletic fields, sports tarps protect playing surfaces like baseball infields or football pitches from rain, snow, and excessive moisture.

What are the things to consider in choosing sports tarps?

When choosing sports tarps, several important factors must be considered to ensure they meet your needs effectively. First and foremost, the material of the tarp is crucial; it should be durable, weather-resistant, and capable of withstanding the environmental conditions it will be exposed to, such as intense sunlight, rain, or snow. The size of the tarp is another significant consideration, as it must adequately cover and protect the intended area or equipment. Additionally, the ease of installation and storage should be evaluated, with options for secure fastening and lightweight materials for easy handling being preferred. UV protection and water resistance are also key features to look for, to prevent damage from sun exposure and to keep moisture out. Lastly, the tarp's color and design may be considered, especially if it needs to match team colors or if visibility is a concern for safety reasons. Balancing these factors will help in selecting the right sports tarp for your specific requirements.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Boat Covers

Boat covers are essential accessories for protecting watercraft from various environmental elements. Made from durable materials such as polyester, canvas, or vinyl, these covers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, sun, and wind. They are crucial in preventing damage like fading, cracking, or peeling of a boat's surface, which can be caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and moisture. Boat covers come in various sizes and shapes, tailored to fit different types of boats, from small fishing boats to large yachts. They often feature adjustable straps or elastic hems to ensure a secure and snug fit, minimizing the risk of the cover being blown away or water pooling on top.

What is the best tarp material for boat covers?

The recommended tarp material for boat covers is typically a high-quality, marine-grade polyester or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabric. These materials are favored for their exceptional durability, water resistance, and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including UV exposure, rain, snow, and wind. Polyester tarps are often chosen for their strength and breathability, which helps prevent mold and mildew buildup by allowing moisture to escape. On the other hand, PVC tarps offer excellent waterproofing capabilities and resistance to tears and abrasions, making them ideal for heavy-duty use. Both materials can be treated with UV stabilizers and antimicrobial agents to further enhance their protective qualities, ensuring long-lasting coverage and protection for boats.

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Tarp Supply Inc.® Camping Tarps

Camping tarps are versatile pieces of outdoor gear that provide additional protection and comfort while camping. They are made from lightweight, durable materials like nylon or polyester, often with waterproof or water-resistant coatings. Tarps serve multiple purposes: they can be used as ground covers under tents to prevent moisture from seeping in, as overhead shelters to protect against rain or provide shade, or even as windbreaks. Easy to pack and set up, camping tarps come in various sizes and shapes, accommodating different camping situations. Some are equipped with grommets or loops at the corners for easy attachment to poles, trees, or stakes, making them an essential item for any outdoor adventure.

Which tarp is best for camping?

Choosing the best tarp for camping depends on various factors, including the environment you'll be camping in, the weather conditions you expect to encounter, and your specific needs for shelter and comfort. For general camping purposes, a waterproof, durable, and lightweight tarp is ideal. Polyethylene tarps are popular for their affordability and resistance to water, making them suitable for ground covers or emergency shelters. The size of the tarp should also be considered based on the number of people it needs to shelter and the type of coverage required. Ultimately, the best tarp for camping is one that meets your specific needs while providing reliable protection against the elements.

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In conclusion, tarps are versatile, practical tools that serve a multitude of purposes across various industries and personal applications. From the lightweight and water-resistant polyethylene tarps ideal for casual outdoor activities, to the heavy-duty canvas tarps used for industrial projects, each type of tarp offers unique benefits tailored to specific needs. Vinyl tarps provide robust protection against harsh weather and chemicals, making them perfect for agricultural and industrial use, while mesh tarps are essential for situations requiring breathability and sunlight filtration. Understanding the distinct characteristics of each tarp type allows individuals and professionals to select the most appropriate option for their specific requirements, ensuring durability, efficiency, and protection in their respective tasks.


Ready to find the perfect tarp for your next project or need? Look no further than Tarp Supply Inc.® different types of tarps! With a comprehensive range of high-quality tarps tailored for any application, we've got you covered—literally. From heavy-duty construction projects to simple backyard solutions, our expertise and wide selection ensure you'll find exactly what you need. Visit us at to explore our collection or call us at 630-953-4700 for personalized assistance. Don't compromise on quality and durability; choose Tarp Supply Inc.® for all your tarp needs today!

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